Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Reflections

It was one of the biggest, warmest hugs, I had received. This was my greeting when I first saw my friend, Calvin. We happened to be together with our families for a meeting in Las Vegas. The hug was his response after having read my book. Although Calvin has not had much experience in dealing people with special needs, he was so enthusiastic. I was pleasantly surprised with his recall of so many details from Last To Leave Home.
Calvin relayed that after reading my book he has responded to those with special needs in a much more compansionate way---he says that in his job he tries to listen to those with special needs more closely. He has a relative with special needs and he has tried to be more present to the family. That's exactly the result that I want for this book---a better understanding and respect for those with special needs.
Calvin Hawkins, our conversation has been one of my highlights of the summer.
As I reflect, my thoughts are ones of gratitude for having a friend like you.
I look forward to coming to Washington, DC, and speaking about my book to your fellow employees.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Shout out to Langdon and Kroger

While enjoying the 4th of July weekend in Nashville, Tennessee, I noticed a hard-working young man at the Kroger on Charlotte (near the intersection of White Bridge Road)bagging groceries. I only had need of a few items and was in a hurry when I went through the check out line. BUT my day was made brighter by a diligent young man very engrossed in his task. I found out that Langdon had been working at Kroger for 10 years and enjoys his job. I asked, "Do you like working on the holiday weekend?"
With a smile he responded, "Yes, I do." Wow, someone who likes his job AND doesn't mind working during the holidays. What an inspiration! I asked if Langdon could take my one meager bag to my car and the clerk said, "Sure." I really wanted my family to meet this sweet guy. I gave him a crisp new $10 bill; not just for his service, but more for making my day begin on a happier note.
Thanks to Kroger for seeing the benefits gained from hiring those with disabilities.
Langdon is a special young man.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Remembering Tony

On May 26, I wrote "An Email That Warms Your Heart"---- Pam Rittenhouse has since sent me a number of photos. What a special joyful family! Pictured here is her son Tony who left this world three years ago this month. It is the quality of years we are here on earth and not the quantity. Although Tony only lived until he was 27, from Pam's emails, they were chock full of wonderful memories and I'm sure Tony lived each day to it's fullest. I write this honoring his mother, his family and the special guy who graced this earth. Thanks, Pam, for sharing.