Monday, March 22, 2010

Here's to the Unknown People in Mark's Life

Here's a shout out to all of those working with people who have special needs----those who families don't even know! I recently had book orders from two people who shared that they actually knew and worked with my brother. Kim and Marianne were involved with CTR (a Danville, VA, ministry that works with those who have special needs). Marianne also directed Special Olympics bowling, which Mark dearly loved. I never knew these giving ladies, but I just sense that my brother was fortunate to have them in his life.
So, to all you good people out there who give so freely to those with special needs and who seldom receive thanks, this blog is for you. God bless you and your caring spirit. I've heard that no act of kindness ever goes unnoticed---your reward may not be in this world, but it will be noted someday. So, keep giving---folks sometimes can't thank you or are not even aware of your good deeds, but you are so very appreciated, especially by people like me.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Two weeks ago today our first grandchild was born. Annabelle Ruth Tuss arrived at 8:29 am on Feb. 20. She was 19 inches long and weighed in at 7 lbs. 2 oz. She's adorable and her parents could not be happier! Caroline was influenced so much by her Uncle Mark that she decided to teach special education. She now is the resource coordinator for middle school special education in Fairfax, Virginia. She will return to that position after maternity leave.

As I held our little treasure, I could not help but think of my mother when she first held Mark. Although he had a developmental disability, she didn't even see that---she just loved him as much as she did all of her babes.

I wondered, if Annabelle had been born with Down syndrome, could I have treated her the same? I can answer with a resounding YES! Who do I have to thank for this positive attitude? Mark! Living with my brother helped me appreciate the unexpected benefits of living with someone with Down syndrome---those benefits byfar outweigh the negative issues.

Thanks, Mark, I know you are smiling down on us during this joyous time.