Sunday, July 19, 2015

SOLD OUT in Houston!

It was December 2014 and my husband was retiring.  We were moving back to our home in Nashville, Tennessee.  Sr. Anna Laura had purchased books for her class on human dignity for Frassati Catholic High School in Houston.  After sharing with Sister that I would be happy to come in as a guest author, she invited me to come literally days before we left the state.  What a wonderful time I had---the students were impressively astute and asked so many excellent, probing questions.  I felt, indeed, honored to be present.  Just before mass Sister told me that the students had gained so much from reading the book and because I had autographed each book the students felt the books were theirs to keep and this holy woman shared, "I just have to give each of them the book...I want to order more for next year."  "Sister, I only have 84 left here in Houston. 
"I'll take them", she immediately proclaimed. 
I couldn't believe that just before Mass my books in Houston were sold out!  Thank you, Sister, for making this a special moment for me.  I am ever so grateful!  
I recently realized that with such a hectic time, I had neglected to post this good news.  Enjoy the photo of a special occasion!