Sunday, July 19, 2015


I end this blog with good news!  Since publishing my book in 2007, I have traveled to a number of states and had numerous speaking engagements.  I was fortunate to have sold TWO printings of "Last To Leave Home".  Although my original purpose was to share Mark's journey from home to group home, it has far exceeded my expectations.  I have grown so much...especially as I have met so many giving, caring, wonderful people along the way.
My final step was to hand a check over to Dr. Leslie Rubin (who wrote the forward to my book and who touched our hearts so many years ago as he took time to examine and tenderly help my brother, Mark).  His organization has grown, expanding to include all adults with developmental disabilities.  In fact, he advises, but is no longer working at the facility.  Janice Nodvin, Executive Director/Clinic Director at Adult Disability Medical Home (ADMH), wrote me recently and thanked me for the $5,000 gift.  The proceeds from the book included some of the Baker personal money, which helped to make the gift an even amount.  Below is a photo of the check presentation to Dr. Rubin. 
God bless you all.  Now on to book #2--on Leadership---focusing on lessons from my successful husband, Clark Baker.  Watch out for the new book coming soon!  

SOLD OUT in Houston!

It was December 2014 and my husband was retiring.  We were moving back to our home in Nashville, Tennessee.  Sr. Anna Laura had purchased books for her class on human dignity for Frassati Catholic High School in Houston.  After sharing with Sister that I would be happy to come in as a guest author, she invited me to come literally days before we left the state.  What a wonderful time I had---the students were impressively astute and asked so many excellent, probing questions.  I felt, indeed, honored to be present.  Just before mass Sister told me that the students had gained so much from reading the book and because I had autographed each book the students felt the books were theirs to keep and this holy woman shared, "I just have to give each of them the book...I want to order more for next year."  "Sister, I only have 84 left here in Houston. 
"I'll take them", she immediately proclaimed. 
I couldn't believe that just before Mass my books in Houston were sold out!  Thank you, Sister, for making this a special moment for me.  I am ever so grateful!  
I recently realized that with such a hectic time, I had neglected to post this good news.  Enjoy the photo of a special occasion! 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

"The Book was a Huge Hit"

The title of this blog came from the text that Carolyn Garofalo sent after her family's mother/daughter quarterly birthday lunch bunch gathering.  She even added this photo.  Carolyn and her family have a wonderful tradition of meeting quarterly to celebrate birthdays and I imagine simply to take time out of their busy schedules to enjoy each other's company.  After listening to my speech given at the St. Michael's Book Fair, Carolyn decided to purchase a book for each attendee as a "favor".  I signed the books and inscribed each one by name.  Thanks, Carolyn, for making "Last to Leave Home" part of your special occasion.   

From left to right:  Carolyn Garofalo, Sharyn Sporar, Liz Angulo, Carrie Feighl, Cindi Pappas, Kathy Chaffin, and Tessie Pappas

MY Afternoon Delight

When my dear friend, Cheli Henderson, asked me to speak at the May book fair I accepted happily with the expectation that the crowd would be quite small, but friendly...since I had worked part time at the school for the last six years.  What I did NOT expect was to have the seats filled almost to capacity and ladies who were a captivating audience.  I had so much fun sharing WHY each one should write.  Plus I sold almost two boxes of books---I am now left with only 154 books and I'll be SOLD OUT.  This sign greeted me which immediately calmed any stage fright that I might have had in preparation to speak.  Thank you Cheli and St. Michael's moms for making my afternoon such a delight---it was like coming home with lots of hugs and smiles.  God bless you all!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thanks to Katy Welcome Wagon

On Tuesday, February 11, I was pleased to speak to the Welcome Wagon of Katy, Texas.  After a delicious lunch I enjoyed sharing about my book and encouraging the ladies to write their own story. 
Thanks, Mary Ann, for giving Gayle my name for a possible speaker.    My friend,  Marjorie Snow, and I both enjoyed the day with such a great group of women. 
To the left is Mary Ann Talley, President of the club.  On the right is Program Chair, Gayle Petit.  Gayle was so welcoming and made me feel very relaxed to speak.

I brought a basket that included my signed book.  Jeaneen Stastny was the lucky lady!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Yes, Virginia, There is A School That Shows Love and Caring

When fall is in the air it means FOOTBALL and homecoming.  My niece, Jacqueline, and her husband, Ryan, teach at Dan River High School in southern Virginia.  This year the school voted for a special young man to crowned homecoming king.  His name is PJ Patterson.  At first PJ's name did not appear on the ballot---that didn't stop the seniors at this caring school.  They WROTE PJs name on the ballot!   It is my understanding that PJ won by a landslide.  Take a look at this link:
I'm especially proud of my niece, Jacqueline, who teaches students with special needs.  She was wonderful to my brother, Mark, and I'll never forget that.  Thanks for sharing this story, Jacqueline.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Photos from Superman

If you recall on my May 4 entry I spoke about meeting Superman. Since then, I have been sent some darling photos by Superman Matthew's friend, Melissa. Pictured are Melissa with Matthew as well as Matthew with his father. Note the superman t-shirt. Keep up the good you do for mankind, Superman!