Saturday, May 4, 2013

Meeting Superman

It was a chance meeting.  My husband and I were waiting to be seated at our favorite restaurant in Nashville, Tin Angel.  I spotted a very happy, upbeat-looking young man who sat down next to us.  We began to chat and I found that Matthew's hero is Superman.  He proudly pulled out his Superman wallet that has the pictured logo dominately displayed.  It was indeed a special wallet.  I told his friend, Melissa, that I would send them one of my books.  She since has emailed me and told me that Matthew is as remarkable as his hero.  Four years ago his dentist found a malignant tumor in his upper jaw and he had extensive reconstructive surgery and chemotherapy. He is still cancer free and has such a great attitude.  Melissa tells me that he is quite the prankster.  She wrote, "He is so special in my life as well as that of his family."
Yes, I think I met a real Superman that day.  I hope you enjoy my book, Matthew.  God bless you and your family.