Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Photos from Superman

If you recall on my May 4 entry I spoke about meeting Superman. Since then, I have been sent some darling photos by Superman Matthew's friend, Melissa. Pictured are Melissa with Matthew as well as Matthew with his father. Note the superman t-shirt. Keep up the good you do for mankind, Superman!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Miracle League

Recently my husband and I experienced the joy of watching a VERY SPECIAL baseball game at the Langham Creek YMCA. This game was part of the national organization called The Miracle League. The YMCA has partnered with this league to help children with special needs play baseball. Thanks to the efforts of Shawn Borzelleri (one of our top Houston YMCA executives), this league has blossomed into a program that continues to grow and give joy to so many children who could never otherwise play the America's favorite sport. The games are excited and heartwarming. The "buddies" volunteer to help each child so that the parents can sit back and enjoy the game too. In fact, they even have announcers which help the ball players feel like they are in the big leagues. Pictured here is my husband, Clark and Shawn, with one of these special ball players. There is currently a campaign to raise enough funds to build a field that will be specifically for these children. The hope is to have a complex which will include a custom-designed field with a cushioned rubberized surface to help prevent injuries, wheelchair accessible dugouts, and a completely flat surface to eliminate any barriers to wheelchair-bound or visually impaired players. After seeing the smiles on the faces of the ball players, the buddies, and the parents, you will want to contribute---I know we did! Shawn, thanks for your hard work in promoting this program---YOU are our MIRACLE! Check out the Miracle League website at http://www.miracleleague.com/home.html

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Meeting Superman

It was a chance meeting.  My husband and I were waiting to be seated at our favorite restaurant in Nashville, Tin Angel.  I spotted a very happy, upbeat-looking young man who sat down next to us.  We began to chat and I found that Matthew's hero is Superman.  He proudly pulled out his Superman wallet that has the pictured logo dominately displayed.  It was indeed a special wallet.  I told his friend, Melissa, that I would send them one of my books.  She since has emailed me and told me that Matthew is as remarkable as his hero.  Four years ago his dentist found a malignant tumor in his upper jaw and he had extensive reconstructive surgery and chemotherapy. He is still cancer free and has such a great attitude.  Melissa tells me that he is quite the prankster.  She wrote, "He is so special in my life as well as that of his family."
Yes, I think I met a real Superman that day.  I hope you enjoy my book, Matthew.  God bless you and your family.