Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Reflections

It was one of the biggest, warmest hugs, I had received. This was my greeting when I first saw my friend, Calvin. We happened to be together with our families for a meeting in Las Vegas. The hug was his response after having read my book. Although Calvin has not had much experience in dealing people with special needs, he was so enthusiastic. I was pleasantly surprised with his recall of so many details from Last To Leave Home.
Calvin relayed that after reading my book he has responded to those with special needs in a much more compansionate way---he says that in his job he tries to listen to those with special needs more closely. He has a relative with special needs and he has tried to be more present to the family. That's exactly the result that I want for this book---a better understanding and respect for those with special needs.
Calvin Hawkins, our conversation has been one of my highlights of the summer.
As I reflect, my thoughts are ones of gratitude for having a friend like you.
I look forward to coming to Washington, DC, and speaking about my book to your fellow employees.