Friday, June 24, 2011

"Memories of Craig Will Last a Lifetime...."

It was April when I met my friend, Chuck Collins, in Philadelphia. Our dinner conversation centered around the 60th birthday celebration of his brother, Craig. Chuck's face glistened as he joyfully shared the happiness that event brought to his brother with special needs. His iphone revealed a photo of the birthday boy surrounded by family. It was such a happy day! Little did Chuck realize that within days of that conversation his brother would pass away.
Craig brought such joy to everyone he met although he never spoke a word. Check out this link which will surely bring a smile to anyone's face. The news article includes a photo.
Chuck wrote this to me after going to the group home to get his belongings and I just had to share:
"Mark and Craig were sent to this world to bring compassion and understanding. My brother Chip and I went by Craig’s home yesterday to pick up his things. All of his material objects fit into two boxes. It was remarkably simple and after keeping just a few things, we took his clothes to Goodwill and that was that. I told my assistant , Sheila, about this and she remarked that 'memories of Craig will last a lifetime in the hearts of those who knew and still love him – that can never be contained in a box'."
Bask in those memories, my friend. They WILL last a lifetime, I promise.