Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Shout out to Langdon and Kroger

While enjoying the 4th of July weekend in Nashville, Tennessee, I noticed a hard-working young man at the Kroger on Charlotte (near the intersection of White Bridge Road)bagging groceries. I only had need of a few items and was in a hurry when I went through the check out line. BUT my day was made brighter by a diligent young man very engrossed in his task. I found out that Langdon had been working at Kroger for 10 years and enjoys his job. I asked, "Do you like working on the holiday weekend?"
With a smile he responded, "Yes, I do." Wow, someone who likes his job AND doesn't mind working during the holidays. What an inspiration! I asked if Langdon could take my one meager bag to my car and the clerk said, "Sure." I really wanted my family to meet this sweet guy. I gave him a crisp new $10 bill; not just for his service, but more for making my day begin on a happier note.
Thanks to Kroger for seeing the benefits gained from hiring those with disabilities.
Langdon is a special young man.