Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Angel Unaware"

I just read an article emailed via the Sibling Leaderhsip Network. It was written by Cal Thomas (nationally known columnist) where he honors his brother with Down syndrome. Marshall passed away Jan.5 and the article is a beautiful tribute to his brother who was born two years before my brother.
You might enjoy reading the article by going to the link below.


Cal reminded me of a book written by Dale Evans many years ago. I recall reading "Angel Unaware" and being so touched by Dale's story and her total love she and Roy had for their child with Down syndrome. I noticed that Amazon sells it, even after all these years. If you get a chance, read it---it's short and inspirational.
Another reference Cal noted reminded me of Mark. “Remember, no man is a failure who has friends.” It's from the movie " It's a Wonderful Life".
I have no doubt that my brother Mark has welcomed Marshall and both are probably making new friends right now. If Marshall liked dancing and music as much as Mark, no doubt they'll have an immediate connection.
Thanks Cal for writing such a moving tribute to your brother.