Saturday, November 6, 2010

Touched My Heart

Kirby is taking my elective class "Tell Your Own Story". While using my book to jump start their own writing, I had an unexpected blessing. This exuberant young lady came to me with an idea. After reading the book she wants to raise awareness about Down syndrome. Kirby brought me an ad for the rubber wristbands where she had already designed what would be embossed. She even added the symbol of the sun as she remembered that Mark loved sunshine. Her young mind had already visualized a run for Down syndrome in the field behind the school. As I write this blog I am teary-eyed just reflecting on the caring, enthusiastic nature of such a beautiful young woman. Regardless if this suggestion comes to reality, Kirby, you have touched my heart. I truly feel honored to be teaching in a school that has such inspirational students as this beautiful person.