Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Need for More Busines People like Marjorie Maxfield

Marjorie Maxfield is an author, speaker, wedding etiquette expert, and owner of The Tanglewood Gift Shop. Impressive enough, yes, but that is NOT what made me take notice of Marjorie. This successful businesswoman is kind enough to sell "Last To Leave Home" in her store. The store's focus is on cards, stationery, printing of invitations, and fine gifts, so it was not surprising that sales for my book have been few and far between. After several months, I mentioned to Marjorie that I could take the books home as I know business people like to move their inventory in a timely manner. Ms. Maxfield totally shocked me when she said, "No, leave your books here. I don't care if I do not sell ONE book the next 6 months. What I do know is that one day someone is going to see that book, buy it, and will be enlightened. That book is waiting for that person."
I sat there stunned. I could scarcely believe my ears---a business person looking beyond profit. Marjorie does not know me so there was no need to display my book just to be my friend. She honestly believes my books are in her store for a reason---and you know what, I believe it too.
I only wish we had more Marjorie Maxfields!
I look forward to having a book signing in her store in September.
God bless you, Marjorie.
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